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Say no to Cosmetic Surgery

With the beauty industry booming in this country, it begs the question; why do women go to such lengths to achieve perfection? For their own confidence or to attract (and keep) admirers?

Females are constantly bombarded with images of stunning models and told this is what we should aspire to; it’s the “perfect woman”. Slim and toned, young and beautiful – we’re all told we should look younger and sexy and we’ll feel great!

There are thousands of treatments available to women to achieve that great feel factor and price varies dramatically depending on lasting effects. Common non-invasive treatments include eyebrow threading and waxing, facials, fake tan and manicure / pedicures (including extensions if you fancy them) and the scope for more permanent treatments is huge from semi permanent make-up and lasting eyelash extensions to Botox and if you are feeling a little more extreme you can augment your body with surgery with breast implants and uplifts, cheek implants, buttock implants, lip fillers, liposuction on the abdomen and thighs and if even if you are not happy with your more intimate parts you can opt for anal bleaching or labial trimming – the list of cosmetic procedure is mind-boggling.

If you walk down any street in the country you will be spoilt for choice with outlets offering all manner of beauty treatments. There are nail salons on every corner and hair and beauty parlours everywhere you look. With the UK beauty industry worth an impressive £17billion in the UK alone and over a million people employed in this sector – who wouldn’t want a piece of this lucrative pie?

There are many reasons women opt for these (sometimes drastic) measures. For some its peer pressure and seeking eternal youth with the many elixirs and potions which promise to give you a gorgeous complexion and youthful vigour. For others it’s a measure of their own self-worth – looking in the mirror and seeing toned thighs, straight perfect (whitened and straightened) teeth and glossy coiffed hair gives some women a confidence boost to face the world knowing that they feel their best, looking hot and dressed to impress.

For yet more women it’s the drive to be sexually attractive and to seek companionship, men like women are visually stimulated and some see nothing more than the polished veneer some choose to present to the world. It really does beg the question; is all this time, money, effort – and sometimes excruciating pain really worth it? The profit line seems to suggest the search for eternal youth is on the up.

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